Getting Started

We totally understand and it can be overwhelming for sure. We are going to try and walk you through some things and hopefully get you going on the right track. This email might be fairly long too, so you can skim through it, or click on the links provided and find what you might need or just bypass those parts you don't need.

This link will take you right to what I am going over if you do not want to read through this email.

This link will walk you step by step of what to expect.

This link has a video tutorial on how to use the Made For You menus. These are pre-made menus so that you do not have to pick what recipes when you do not have time or just do not want to pick from the list.



In both Classic and Clean Eating plans, 20 new recipes rotate in and out every month and are always entered and removed on the LAST DAY of the month. There are always 3 months worth of recipes in the Classic and Clean Eating plans - The Current Month, The Previous Month and the Month Before That. That means there are 60 recipes to choose from in each plan every month. That amount of recipes can be overwhelming and most members use the Made for You menus until they get the hang of picking out their favorite recipes and making their own menus. Once you do get the hang of it or you can jump right in, you can create an unlimited number of menus, with as many recipes as you want and any serving size you wish, from 1-99 and you can save those to your computer as a PDF or just leave them in the "My Saved Menus" folder.

We highly recommend saving them to your computer so that you will always have the menus or save your favorite recipes and they will stay in your favorite folder. The VIEW MY CUSTOM MENU at the top of the page, will be the menu you are currently trying to build and the MY SAVED MENUS are ones that you have built and saved. Once saved, menus can not be adjusted or added too and are there until you delete them. Once you delete them, they are not retrievable, and if there is a recipe that you really liked on that menu, be sure to click the heart button, which will save it to your FAVORITES.

So if the last day of the month is the 31st, those recipes will appear and disappear somewhere around or between 12:05am to 12:20am on the 31st.

To select a recipe to add to a menu, just click on the [+] icon and that will add it to your menu, you can see in the second image, that the icon is now gray.

To make it a favorite, just click on the HEART icon and below you can see that the HEART filled in and that means that it has been saved to your FAVORITE LIST.

To delete the recipe from your build, you must go to the MY CUSTOM MENU .Then just click the TRASH CAN icon and that will remove the recipe from that menu BUT once you have click save and that menu is saved as a menu, you will not be able to remove that recipe or add recipes to that menu. So be sure you are ready to SAVE that menu.

I hope this helps get you started and on your way to enjoying 5D1H!!! If you have any other issues, please do not hesitate asking and if I can find the answer, I will find someone who does. Also, you can ask any member in the Facebook Group any question you might come up with and there are 100's if not 1000's of people who will gladly answer your questions.

Thank you again for being a member of 5D1H!!

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