Changed mind on Cancelling

If you have canceled your automatically recurring subscription and would like to have continued access to member-only content, then you need to simply repurchase it. Remember, if you just canceled your subscription, it may still be active for the remainder of the last billing period, and you must wait for that to expire before re-purchasing. If you would like to repurchase your subscription you can do one of the following:

  • Login to the site and then navigate back to the registration page for that membership and signup again. 
  • Login to the site and go to the Account page > Subscriptions tab. Then, next to your old subscription, click the option that says, "Subscribe". That will take you to the registration page for that membership. 

Your saved recipes will only be available to you if you subscribe to the same plan or upgrade to combo (if you resubscribe to family classic,  you will have all of your saved (if you only subscribe to classic only, you will only have access to the classic recipes saved).

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