Swaping Meats Veggies in recipes

I completely understand your issues and the simple and boring answer is Yes and Yes.

Yes, you can swap out any veggie that your family has issues with and the same goes for the meat issues. You can swap broccoli for cauliflower, brown rice for white rice, zucchini for squash. Swap chicken for pork, steak for pork, fish for pork, etc... the combinations are endless and can be adjusted to fit your needs and your choices.

We also keep in mind the mild to extremely picky eaters who only want steak and potatoes for dinner but the rest of the family is tired of that same old dish every night, so I test cooking times to match and combine meats so those families can have a mix of meats/proteins if they would like a change-up. I do this so that I can offer a simple fix for those that need a change.

I hope this answers your question and eases some of your concerns.

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