Sample Menu

Well, that is a good question and hope I can answer it. The Sample is a broad overview of some of the most requested and popular recipes that come on the menu plans. There are over 1600 combined recipes that rotate through the Classic and Clean Eating menus and we are constantly adding new ones. Every month you will have a choice of 60 recipes to pick from and each month, 20 new recipes are added and 20 fall off. If you joined today, you would have 20 from October, 20 from September, and 20 from August to pick from, and then in November, 20 new ones would be added and the 20 from August would go away. What we have been told by members who have picky eaters is that they eventually come around to loving the meals that are prepared for them but it was not an easy battle but worth it in the end.

Unfortunately, as a parent, the fast-food industries have ruined our natural taste buds with the amounts of salts, sugars, and processed foods that have become so readily available and that is a HUGE mountain to overcome as a parent. These children today are just inundated with junk food, sugars, salts, and unhealthy foods provided to them at every turn and so once they get to liking something, it is hard to change their minds.

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