Saving Favorite

First off, thank you for joining and becoming a member of 5D1H!! It can be overwhelming for sure and a bit confusing too at first so let me try and walk you through how to get your favorites saved and then if you want to remove it as well.

First, pick a recipe that you want as a favorite and just click the empty HEART icon..Screen-Shot-2018-10-28-at-11-47-25-AM.png

Now the Deviled Chicken Legs are saved in my favorites

To go to your Favorite List, which is listed as it appears here uner "RECIPES & MENUS" and click that tab...


That will take you to your FAVORITE RECIPES page and there you can see your favorite recipes.

If you want to remove that from your favorites list, just click the "Deviled Chicken Legs" recipe title and that will take you to the actual recipe card. There you will see that the HEART icon is filled and just click that heart and it will remove the recipe from the favorites list.


I hope this helps you with your favorite list!!

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