What is the difference between Classic and Clean Eating?

Q. What are the differences in Classic and Clean Eating?

A. Classic recipes may contain white flour, sugar (not a lot but does use white or brown), some packaged convenience foods, more starches/carbs.

Clean Eating is basically the Classic menu recipes made cleaner, no white flour, no refined sugars (only honey and maple syrup are used sparingly), no processed foods, LOTS more veggies and reduced carbs.

MOST (not all) of the recipes are the same on both plans as we took our classic recipes, made them "cleaner" and added more vegetables. They are however, not on the same rotation so they are not on the menus at the same time. *not all recipes are the same but the majority are.

If your family is used to fast food and restaurant food, then the Classic will be an easier transition, especially if you have picky eaters who don't like vegetables.

If you need Gluten Free or low carb recipes, the Clean Eating plan is really easy to adapt because it uses whole foods.